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If a physical examination is required we can seamlessly coordinate a face-to-face medical examination via our national practitioner network.  Australia’s largest of its kind- with over 6,500 doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists in more than 2,900 metropolitan and regional locations.

Telehealth removes the barriers to healthcare 

Access to the largest practitioner network

Access the largest national, independent, managed and accountable network of doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists across Australia for work-related health services.


Telehealth Services


Make the Switch to Telehealth, Injurynet’s new way of delivering Medical Assessments and Injury Management Services.

Eliminates the need to travel

Access medical, physiotherapy or psychology services anywhere (at home or at work).  Telehealth eliminates the need to travel to a medical or allied health clinic.  

Safe and Convenient

Safe, convenient and flexible access to medical assessment and Injury management services.

Injurynet’s network of doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists are providing telehealth services across Australia. These telehealth services are delivered using real-time video-conferencing tools and can be accessed using mobile phones, tablets and computers. 

Our Telehealth Services

Telehealth assessments with a doctor 

Telehealth medical assessments including pre-employment medical assessments, review and specialist medical assessments, are available with our network of doctors.  These assessments can use your organisation’s paperwork and any items that require testing which cannot be completed online (such as spirometry, audiometry and drug and alcohol testing) can be organised for an in-clinic appointment.  

Telehealth functional assessments with a physiotherapist 

Telehealth functional and musculoskeletal assessments are available with our network of physiotherapists. These assessments can use your organisation's paperwork and our in-house medical and clinical advisors will provide assistance if any changes to your usual assessments are required.

Our Telehealth Services

Early Intervention and Injury Management

All telehealth appointments are with our network of doctors, physiotherapists or psychologists who can see, diagnose and treat injured workers without the need for an in-person consultation.  Our network doctors also prescribe medications, determine fitness for work and complete medical certificates via telehealth.